Making Ideas Come to Life !

Here I will show first my current project and in next tabs all my past projects.



World's first decentralized IRL and metaverse NFT ticketing platform.

Next.jsNode.jsThe Graph & Solidity

Honorable Recognitions & Awards

JPMorgan & McDonalds events have press links on images.

Which is why I Never Stop Learning.

I believe that I succeed when my clients succeed.

While finishing my CS Bachelor's at ITBA over the last few years, I've worked mainly on web development for a range of startups, in a variety of industries.

Besides from that I always launched new project ideas such as the one I'm in right now: Fanszoid.

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Soft Skills

Public Speaking
Work Ethic
Effective communication

Hard Skills

Programming Languages (Java, Javascript, C, ASM, Python, SQL)
Web Development (ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS)
AWS Cloud Architect Essential Skills (networking, data storage, security, etc)
Digital Marketing (Created a social media profile with +30K followers)
Multilingual (Spanish, English, Chinese, French)

Currently learning skills

Everything related to the blockchain world

Some things I would like you to know about me

The extraordinary things listed here are the best 3 according to my ranking


1. Chinese

I'm studying chinese since 2017. Learning about this culture and language was extremely interesting. Currently in HSK3 level.


2. Fitness

Been training since I'm 14 years old. I start the day 7AM with this activity. It helps me keep my routine fixed, maintain good health and boost my mental


3. Extreme Sports

This section is recently starting. Jumped from 14000ft only once on December 2020. Many more are yet to come.

My story.

Companies that helped me get where I am.

Tech Trek
Junior Achievement